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Palladian's magazines and websites

Palladian Publications Limited is a leading publisher that specialises in the energy sector and the cement industry, on a worldwide basis.

Industry-leading magazines

We publish a number of industry-leading technical and analytical magazines that are available by paid subscription.

Information portal websites

We also operate four websites that are unique information portals for the energy sectors and the world of cement.

Six international magazines

Palladian Publications publishes six international paid-for B2B magazines. Five are targeted specifically at the global energy sector, and one is for the worldwide Cement industry.

Subscribers can download a full version of the magazine two weeks ahead of the printed copy.

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    Our websites and our portfolio of six sector-specific magazines give you unrivalled access to precisely targeted audience groups.

    For the most cost-effective, maximum-impact advertising approach, we recommend a combination of at least 1 website + 1 or more magazines.

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  • Packages available

    You can promote your brand by using a combination of advertising channels:

    • 1 of the 2 websites
    • Any 1 of the 6 magazines
    • 2 + magazines
    • 1 website + 1 magazine
    • 1 website + 2 or more magazines
    • 2 websites + 1 magazine
    • 2 websites + 2 or more magazines